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El Paso, Texas. 79922

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Advanced Pools started operations in 1988 with the vision of building moderate to high end concrete swimming pools in El Paso and Southern New Mexico. In 2001, Advanced Pools was nominated and selected as a member of The Master Pools Guild which is an elite group of pool builders with only 100 members worldwide.

Membership in The Master Pools Guild requires demonstrated excellence in design and construction. The crest is a mark of legendary craftsmanship. The Master Pools Guild has honored us with numerous awards which can be seen at their website www.masterpoolsguild.com. In 2002, Advanced Pools added an award winning designer and sale/marketing expert to continue to aggressively pursue new industry trends. In 2003, Advanced Pools was selected to become El Paso’s only Viking Pool Dealer. Viking Pools is the nation’s largest manufacturer of one piece advanced composite fiberglass pools. Viking Pools are the number one composite pool in the country. Our customers now have a choice between a custom concrete pool or our Viking Fiberglass Pools. Product offerings also have expanded to include Liberty Fiberglass Pools for our cost conscious customers and extended living spaces with outdoor kitchens, grills, fire pits, pergolas and more. In addition to an expansion of product offerings, Advanced Pools added Superintendents of construction to oversee all pool installations for enhanced customer service and satisfaction. Advanced Pools offers a professional sales staff of highly skilled and trained individuals to further meet our customers needs.

Advanced Pools has a dedicated showroom to help ensure our clients know exactly what we are building. Starting from measuring to CAD design and 3 Dimensional plans. Onsite choice materials from tile to plaster samples. A visit to our showroom allows our clients a hands on experience for style and atmosphere. Clients can bring in their plot plans or yard measurements to begin the design process or set an appointment for an in house consultation.
  • 2013 7 Gold Master Pools Guild Awards
  • 2013 2 Silver Master Pools Guild Awards
  • 2012 1 Bronze Master Pools Guild Awards
  • 2012 Viking Pools Award of Excellence
  • 2010 Viking Pools Pool of The Quarter Award
  • 2010 Viking Pools Bronze Sales Award
  • 2009 Viking Pools Silver Sales Award
  • 2008 Viking Pools Creative Marketing Award
  • 2008 Viking Pools Gold Sales Award
  • 2007 Viking Pools Creative Design Award
  • 2007 Viking Pools Gold Sales Award
  • 2007 Viking Pools Pool of The Year Award
  • 2006 Viking Pools Outstanding Dealer Award
  • 2006 Viking Pools Award of Excellence
  • 2006 Viking Pools Platinum Sales Award
  • 2005 Viking Pools Gold Sales Award
  • 2004 Viking Pools Silver Sales Award
  • 2004 Viking Pools Award of Excellence